I look for connections between the tangible and intangible.  I question clean, perfect narratives and find a sense of reality and lingering meaning in the imprecise, in senses and feelings, absurdity, the discarded and decaying.  Links are made with form, drawing on the meaning of objects and the ambiguity of life experience and memory.  As the play between randomness and an order of attraction becomes more evident in my own life, I use sculpture to engage with this moving nature of meaning. 

In the studio process, movement, objects, ideas, intangibles begin to overlap and relate and a different sense of interconnectedness come into focus.  It brings together frayed lines of meaning, fragments of objects, and senses that subtly show us ourselves.  There exists a play between actual narrative and form.  Actions, memories, stories, and desire live in a collaged space where meaning and signification overlap.  Add a little movement and a place emerges where our perceptions are multi-form, conflicted, uncertain, and alive.

Sara Hubbs is a multi-media artist working primarily as a sculptor and painter. Originally from Phoenix, AZ, Sara completed an MFA at The George Washington University prior to moving to New York. Sara lives and works in Tucson, AZ.

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