Of water and bone, 2017, cast Hydrocal and archival glue, 5 ½ x 3 ½ x 2
This work was cast from plastic toy packaging

I explore the discarded shapes of material culture as sites of meaning, obscuring and revealing what seems to be in the background. I look for possibilities within abstraction to question familiar narratives.
The everyday offers up the abstract familiar, shapes whose first purpose has passed. Their ambiguity, both familiar and unfamiliar, questions what is seen and meaningful. Shape becomes presence and void allowing for multiple meanings and metaphor. These discarded abstractions are akin to the idea of ‘loose parts’ in children’s creativity, a theory of open-ended learning that empowers imagination and references the seemingly ‘useless’ time of play.
Plastic containers and the cardboard from toy and product packaging, as well as clothing and patterned fabric underscore the relationship between the physical body and the body of objects. The inclusion of joint compound, dirt and sweepings from my studio floor fold together evidence of the physical act of making.